Page Speed Booster

Hold on, please read, we just want to give you a brief explanation 😃

What we do?

  • Page Speed Booster tells your browser to use idle time to retrieve or prepare to retrieve page contents in anticipation of the user's next action.

  • For example, while in the Home Page, the user is currently on a page where they are making a decision of a Product to click. So, 99% the next page will be the Product Detail Page. Page Speed Booster improves the performance of this page by having the browser retrieve the contents while the user is still thinking. Once the visitor click on a link, the browser only needs to retrieve the content from the browser's cache.

  • As the result, Page Speed Booster helps improving your Conversion Rate!

So, when does Page Speed Booster tell your browser to prepare?

  • By default, Page Speed Booster waits for users to hover on any of links (click-able texts) at least 65 milliseconds and it tells the browser to prepare the content of that link.

What do I need to do now?

Nothing. Your store is now applied with Page Speed Booster with default settings.

If you want, Page Speed Booster allows you to determine when to tell the browser to prepare the content.

For some sites with a lot of huge click targets, such as some e-commerce sites, the 65 ms rule doesn't apply: it will preload more than two times for each page visited.

Alternatively, if you don't care about making a lot of requests, you can decrease it.

It will preload when the user starts pressing their mouse button. This leaves on average 80 ms for the page to preload.

On small mobile devices (such as smartphones) if you want your pages to be instant in more situations you can preload links as soon as they're visible.

Note that if the user is on 2G or has data saver enabled it will fall back to using the default options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What next do I need to do after installation Page Speed Booster?

Nothing. Your store is now loading faster by default.

Are there any advanced options to be flexible with my store?

Yes. Page Speed Booster provides some options. You can read and try at the top of the page.

The speed scores of my store do not increase when testing via GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insights. Why?

This app does not change your page load speed. It preloads links, so it works from the second page view. Since GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insights DO NOT account for second page, there won't be any difference at scores.

The change is purely for end user experience.

How does Page Speed Booster help my store?

Amazon and others found that cutting 100 milliseconds of latency improves sales by 1%. This is what Page Speed Booster does, improving your conversions.

Is Page Speed Booster compatible with my visitors' browser?

No worries. Counting even uncommon browsers, in total, more than 82% browsers support this app.

Still have other questions?

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