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  • Pinterest "Pin It" Button

    Pinterest "Pin It" Button

    Another easy way to expose your business via Pinterest.
  • Page Speed Booster

    Page Speed Booster

    Boost your page speed and conversion rate in JUST 30 seconds!
  • WhatsApp Chat and Share

    WhatsApp Chat and Share

    Live chat, share, automated & unlimited recovery via WhatsApp.
  • Terms and Conditions Checkbox

    Terms and Conditions Checkbox

    Add terms & conditions checkbox/popup to Cart page & Ajax cart.
  • Trust Badges Builder

    Trust Badges Builder

    Adding trust badges to boost customer trust and confidence.
  • Background Music Player

    Background Music Player

    Add music to your store's background in JUST 1 minute!
  • Valentine, New Year & Holidays

    Valentine, New Year & Holidays

    Boost New Year sales with Fireworks, Music and 20+ effects <3
  • TikTok Ads Pixel Installer

    TikTok Ads Pixel Installer

    Start tracking user actions on your website in JUST 1 minute with TikTok Pixel!
  • FontPicker — Easy Google Fonts

    FontPicker — Easy Google Fonts

    Easy way to add Google Fonts to any Shopify themes without coding.
  • Instant FAQ & Help Center

    Instant FAQ & Help Center

    Build a help center with unlimited FAQs to reduce support time
  • Social Call and Chat support

    Social Call and Chat support

    WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Phone, Email & Chat!
  • Corner Ribbon Add to Cart

    Corner Ribbon Add to Cart

    Another great way to highlight your Add to Cart button.
  • Disable Mouse Right-Click

    Disable Mouse Right-Click

    Disable right click on website to prevent cut, copy, save image, view source, inspect element, etc
  • Smooth Scroll To Top

    Smooth Scroll To Top

    Allow visitors to scroll to the top of the page with 1 click!
  • Post-Purchase Survey Question

    Post-Purchase Survey Question

    Implement a Post-Purchase Survey to Boost Ecommerce Sales.
  • Highlight & Social Sharing

    Highlight & Social Sharing

    Highlighting text and sharing it via Twitter, Facebook and other services.

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