How to find the Zalo Official Account ID

  1. Zalo OA (Zalo Official Account) is the official information page of businesses, brands, organizations and communities on Zalo.

  2. To let customers message you via Zalo from the website you need to enter this account ID in the Zalo button settings.

Before you start

  1. If you do not have a Zalo OA, please visit to create a Zalo OA before continuing.

  2. Further Reading: How to create a Zalo OA.

To access Zalo OA account ID, follow these steps:

  • In a new browser tab or window, log in to your Zalo OA.

  • In the Official Account Management page, click Active tab.

  • Your Zalo OA ID will display on below the OA ID column.

  • Copy the ID to your clipboard.

Nice job! Next, you'll add this Zalo OA ID to your app settings.