Instructions to create a Zalo Official Account

  1. Zalo OA (Zalo Official Account) is the official information page of businesses, brands, organizations and communities on Zalo.

Step 1. Visit the Zalo OA initiation page

  • Log in to your OA account under the link

  • There are 2 ways to login:

    1. Sign in with your phone number and registered password Zalo.

    2. Scan QR code.

  • Click Create a new Official Account.

Step 2. Select the Zalo OA account type

  • Click Create a new Official Account to create a new account.

  • Choose Enterprise type.

Step 3. Choose a category

  • Choose one of the subcategories that match your business.

Step 4. Enter information

  • Fill in information Official Account Name, Description, Full name and Phone number of the creator of the OA.

Step 5. Choose cover photo and avatar

  • Please refer to the regulations on avatar and cover image before updating images on the OA

  • Image standards:

    1. Profile photo (150x150 pixels, <1MB size, PNG or JPG format).

    2. Cover photo (320x350 pixels, safe area 320x180 pixels, size <1MB, PNG or JPEG format).

Step 6. Enter the address

  • Select the province, district / province and enter the address where the business is operating.

  • Please provide an exact address to make it easier for the OA to be found.

Click Completed to initiate the OA