TikTok Ads Pixel Installer

TikTok Ads Pixel Installer
— Installation instruction

Start tracking user actions on your website in JUST 1 minute with TikTok Pixel!

Copy pixel code from TikTok Ads Manager


  1. Click Event under Assets in TikTok Ads Manager.
  2. Choose Website Pixel, and click Manage to reach Events Manager.
  3. Click Create Pixel.
  4. Add a Pixel Name.

    • We recommend the pixel name corresponds to the website or domain name. Maximum character length is 128 characters, including spaces.
  5. Select Manually install pixel code, then click Next.

  6. Select Standard Mode as your Event Setup Mode, then click Next.
  7. Copy the pixel code by clicking Copy Pixel Code or clicking directly on the code itself. You can also download the pixel code using the Download Pixel Code button.

Install pixel code to your Shopify website


  1. Track the events of the visitors throughout their shopping journey.

    Automatically event triggering

    You don't have to manually set event rules in your TikTok Ads Manager, the app does / the app takes this. Otherwise, uncheck the events checkboxes below according to your need.

    When a product page is viewed.
    When a product is added to the shopping cart.
    When an order is placed.
    When a payment is completed.

    Note: By default, the pixel base code will always include 'Page View' events which tracks when a visitor lands on your website.

  2. Ensure you paste the pixel code correctly.
  3. Click Save.

That's it! You've installed the TikTok Pixel on your Shopify store! Now you are ready to start tracking user's behavior on your site by creating events.

We recommend installing the TikTok Pixel Helper to check if the pixel code was installed correctly.